Just heard from two of our early adopters of our  R4000 (RIC bass) and  JM Two/Tone (Jazzmaster) pickups  about their experiences with our most recent pickup models.   Mike Lankford was among our very first R4000 customers.  He was anxious to record with his reborn RIC 4003 and sent us a recording which I want to share with you.   RIC  bass in a country tune?   Who would have guessed?   Mike said that he got a lot of really good reactions to the fact that his bass sounded so good, was present in the mix and the noise was gone too!   Take a listen to  Treat You Right_clip.      Mike, thanks  for sharing this with us. 
Then we find Anthony Pirog, one of our early JM Two/Tone players,  in the Style section of the Washington Post where we find him performing with his Jazzmaster equipped with JBE’s JM Two/Tones pickups.  Anthony has been on tour over the summer with his band promoting their record.  His most recent endeavour however was kind of different to say the least.   Check out the review and picture at http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/at-sonic-circuits-festival-pirogs-ensemble-is-true-to-the-spirit-of-terry-riley/2011/09/18/gIQAm6TIdK_story.html
I wish I could post everyones work but as you can imagine that would be difficult.  Hopefully, from time to time you will allow me share some things like this with you all. 
Frank T
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