One of the coolest things about being associated with a great company like JBE Pickups (OK, I know.  I own it now so I’d better think it is cool :) , is something that Joe Barden told me a while ago.   It was regarding how many good players there are out there that we get to meet either in person or by the miracle of modern internet technology.   These players really get what we’re about, and meeting them and hearing them play is a distinct pleasure. 

It goes without saying that Danny Gatton was one of those who inspired Joe Barden,  as are the great musicians whose names scroll across the marquis of our website.  

But there are less heralded others out there too, like Dan Davidson, who unsolicited, and very kindly sent me a video of himself demo’ing our T-Style pickups.    Dan really gets it, and describes what we are trying to achieve as well (if not better) than some of us do at JBE.   I told him that I thought he was channeling my pitch :), even though we have never met personally. 

To my knowledge Dan is not professional presenter, but he does a great job articulating, from a musician’s perspective, what the T-Styles, and I would add all JBE guitar and bass pickups, can do. 

Please take a listen to Dan at  And check out his other vids on YouTube as well.   I was impressed and I suspect you will be too.  

What is it about these guys named Dan?  

Frank T
JBE Pickups