Thought you might be interested in two different approaches to 3-pickup Soapbar guitars being made by two enterprising luthiers.  

The first one was made by Gary Brinkly of GNB Custom Guitars  Gary is also Jimmy Thackery’s  luthier and made this three-pickup Firebird, Jimmy calls the Golden Bird.   The guitar also incorporates a patented Trem system innovation (sans cover in the picture)  that stays in tune even after Jimmy’s notorious dive bombs.     Of course, the guitar must be equipped with JBE Soapbars for maximum sonic benefit.  (Shameless plugs abound in this blog, so be forewarned :)

The second guitar is from Clint Dougherty at Black Mesa Guitars, or   It is another take on a 3 Soapbar pickup design, again with JBE Soapbar pickups as part of the sonic engine.

Clint’s customer was elated and had this to say about this guitar (so far):

“Just a few impressions, ……She sings!! The tone and sustain are outstanding, the action is great, she is (as you know) quite beautiful. I have to find myself agreeing with Jeff, you are underpricing for the value received.
And one quote from someone else,… my friend Lynn W.   (Lynn is the guitar historian, amazing guitar repair tech, and major collector, as well as running a retail store, and is a player in his own right ).
Lynn said “Great action, great big sound, fantastic tone, great workmanship, and a beautiful instrument.  It’s one of the finest guitars I’ve ever played. I’d take it over a PRS any day!”
So it’s not just me. You did a far better job than I had any right to expect, and I’m lucky to have found you to build this guitar.”
If either of these instruments ring you chimes, give Gary or Clint a call.  They can give you more info.   
Frank T
JBE Pickups