JBE (Joe Barden Guitar and Bass Pickups) is accepting special orders on pre-release sets of JM Two/Tone ™ for Jazzmaster™ guitars.  General availability at your JBE dealer is anticipated in late Spring.   Price is $189.95 each (bridge or neck).  

Pending general availability there will be a limited number of JM Two/Tone™ Sets available.  These limited numbers may be purchased as a Special Order directly with JBE Pickups by calling us at 703 530 8663.

The JM Two/Tone for Jazzmaster houses our traditional Two/Tone pickup under special Jazzmaster covers that retain the general look of the Jazzmaster.  White covers are currently available, but Cream and Black are planned with general availability.  

The JM Two/Tone has several benefits for the iconic Jazzmaster guitar:
1. preservation of the Jazzmaster vibe .  You still get great Jazzmaster tones but without noise or hum that JM players have had to suffer with heretofore.
2.  additional sonic dimensions of  having full bodied humbucker and single coil tones  that can be switched in and out on the fly using the lower control section.  
3. expands the tonal utility of the upper control section with more pristine tone and improved utility as a preset for fast tone changes .
4. your Jazzmaster cuts thru the mix with more authority.

Give us a call at 703 530 TONE (8663) to place your special order and get into queue for the limited number of sets that will be available prior to general availability. 

Frank T.
JBE Pickups

Jazzmaster is a trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.